Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chris Andersons Ted Talks response.

          Chris Anderson explained in Ted Talks, how the video powered learning, is making innovation learning easier. They mainly discussed how things such as You Tube have expanded the basis of knowledge further than how it was in years past. Instead of a community teaching each other it is now the world which currently has 7 billion people currently living on it. You can search anything and find a video explaining in visual detail how to do it, as complex as how to repair a car to building a paper airplane. This new use of video technology is allowing people become educated and compete to become the best. An example of this is when Johnathan said, “Internet is causing dance to evolve.” By this evolution, people are competing in dance videos to become ‘the most viewed’ or ‘liked’ hopping to get seen by bigger investors.

          I use internet videos, mainly for entertainment purposes such as searching for Literal trailers by Toby Turner, AKA Tobuscus. Occasionally however, I watch his Lazy V-logs to get a good laugh at his humor. If I’m not watching a Tobuscus video on You Tube then I search thing to get help on a topic in school in most cases my anatomy class; Such as last week to help prepare me for my muscle test I quickly searched for a summery over the muscular system. Seconds later hundreds of videos popped up which I was then able to use to study. So as the Ted talk video exsplains the use of internet video is something which is growing every day, always adding a new way to express one’s self.

If you are interested in viewing the Ted talk video the link is right here!

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  1. Good amount of detail on your own usage--seems like you take advantage of it for positive purposes. Also a nice summary of the talk--just watch the minor errors which make this hard to read in places. 15