Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is Google Getting The Scoop on You?

After reading the article Google Article in the Atlantic I have decided that Google is crossing the line on user privacy, by enacting a method of specific advertising to the user, Facebook does a similar thing by advertising through the like button but this is breaking the boundaries of privacy on a whole new level. Google will use things such as web searches, web history, and related links through social networking to map a digital you, finding your likes and dislikes which then they use to advertise to you. For the company this is a splendid idea since as the article states, “advertising that makes up 96 percent of its revenues. Still this is a harsh reality to most loving Google users.

Since learning about this, I would surf the internet less, through Google products. Advertising isn’t what I’m fond of so having a list of advertisements on my screen isn’t what I consider great, but besides that there isn’t much more I would change from my every day web life. It would be another thing which is only needed to be worried about if you were using it wrongly. All in all Google will be interrupting our privacy, but its just another thing we all have to deal with consciously or not.

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  1. Well said; we've got to be aware of what's happening and act accordingly. Also, don't forget to get blog post #3 up, which is a response to the PIPA/SOPA Ted talk which is also linked to my blog.