Sunday, January 15, 2012

Digital Ethics Advocacy

Question: What role, as a student, do you have in shaping and influencing--through your actions and advocacy--a more ethical digital society?
  As a senior in high school, I am pushed into the gulf of unethical behavior.  There is no way of passing it; however, being in such a place I have the best chance of doing some good.  I do this by first living my own ethics code and never making excuses to change it.
    By doing this I am able to show others that I’m not just all talk, but that I take digital ethics seriously and that I don’t put up with unethical digital behavior. From my example, they can see the benefits and hopefully choose to make better decisions with their digital behavior in the future.
   With my example of ethical digital behavior, I influence others so that they, in turn, will be a better example.  This creates a chain of good behavior which can reach many.

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  1. I'm glad you have a strong sense of ethics for yourself. It would be ideal to use a specific task you could complete that would help others see the right thing to do is always the right choice.