Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frontline Digital Nation response

PBS argued in the movie Frontline Digital Nation that the social aspects of life are becoming more corrupted as technology advances. More specifically PBS argues that,  the more prominent digital media is,  the larger social gap is created in its wake. An IBN employee states in a interview with  PBS that, “all our meetings are over second life now…I have never meet any of these people on my team before, only through second life.” PBS is suggesting that even though the use of virtual technology such a second life makes it so meetings can be held without being in an office, it is still lacking that human experience and is instead inserting only the speech part of communication into work. In conclusion PBS ‘ belief is that even though technology can change the way of life, you will have to also give up some important factors of life; such as being able to talk face to face and being able to do things with your coworkers outside of the office. Things which many take for granted, but technological advances may end up disturbing.
 I believe that PBS is right, because many people nowadays consider texting or even online chatting a way of meeting new people. More specifically many young teens are often hooked to their phones or computers while chatting away with people who they don’t know. Social networking links you with your not only your friends, but also with the friends of your friends in an attempt at closing that social gap. In reality however the chances of the user actually ever getting to know that person in real life is slim. Even online video games such as World of War Craft allow you to chat and even voice chat with other players of the game. Technology is creating a larger social gap, by creating a false sense of security in the fact that you may have three hundred Facebook friends when you truly only have a few. I conclude that even though technology can help break social barriers such as distance, it can also create a false sense of well being and make you loose the human element than many of us need.

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  1. Anthony,
    I think you've got a pretty strong, focuses argument, but there are some errors throughout which distract from your main points. The ideas are solid, just need to work on delivery a little bit.
    I like the design of the blog. It's easy to look at and read, and doesn't distract from the main content which will be located in your post sections. The wheel, I think, symbolizes the ever changing nature of technology.